We tried Fendi's space buns trend and this is what happened

Fendi are always giving us playful looks, and the hair style all over their runway? The out-of-space buns.

Although London Fashion Week has been and gone, we’re still as mesmerised as ever by the looks that came as a result. One theme the latest beauty looks as of late have had in common? Playful, punchy colour and hair looks that updated the classic styles we know and love. From gymnasts Becky and Ellie Downie wearing the brightest make-up of the season to sunshine yellow nails making its way onto every beauty obsessives Instagram feed to the two tone 90s hair trend worn by Dua Lipa. Fendi’s space buns are just one of the looks that we had to recreate.

Don’t let the thought of a the usual messy, perfectly disheveled bun fool you’re used to fool you – the perfect buns are a lot harder to craft than you’d expect.

The Stylist team tried out the look we all think is simple and here’s how they got on…

Shannon Peter, beauty director, says:

 Considering I still get ID-ed at the ripe age of 27, I’m not sure I need any helpto look more like a teenager, so Fendi’s space buns werean immediate no from me.Yes, they are a bit more exciting than your bogstandard top knot, but I think I’d be able to capture the dishevelled, nonchalanteffect by twizzling togethera single loose bun without giving the cashier any more reason to raise a sceptical eyebrow the next time I’minnocently trying to buya bottle of pinot noir. 

Lucy Partington, beauty editor, says:

This hairstyle is proof thatthe 90s revival is very muchalive and kicking. In theory (and, actually, in reality)I hated everything about it,but then I saw the photosand it wasn’t as bad asI remembered. This is part Gwen Stefani, part can’t be arsed, and it helps that myhair is just about the right length to pull off the splayed out ends. I doubt I’ll be recreating this look anytime soon, but just knowthat I’m not completely opposed to it.

Hanna Ibraheem, senior beauty writer, says:


The messy bun has been through some renovations over the past two decades, but it seems the 90s spacebuns are here to stay. Granted, this hairstyle is a littleon the youthful side of things, but the messy yet perfectly placed ends give it a more contemporary touch. Ideal for those with medium-length hair, the casual yet chic bun takes on new meaning here.

The products we used to recreate the look…

Aveda / £22

Brilliant Shine on Spray

OUAI / £22

Texturising Hair Spray

Invisibobble / £6.35

Original Hair Tie

Living Proof / £25

Instant De-Frizzer

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