This TikTok hack claims to deliver SS21’s biggest haircut in just 1 minute

The ‘one-minute mullet’ has blown up on TikTok but does it actually work?

As the saying goes: ‘trends come and go’ – and that couldn’t be more true for TikTok.

Every week – nay, day – the social media platform throws up another new beauty trend. We’ve already seen The Ordinary’s red peeling solution and Maybelline’s Sky High mascara take the spotlight, alongside a long list of other TikTok-approved beauty products.

Often, these trends revolve around beauty advice, too. We’ve tried and tested the ’filtered foundation’ hack, 15-minute cleansing challenge and how to get a fringe without cutting your hair. The latest hack filling up our For You page? The one-minute mullet.

Yep, TikTokers are claiming that they can achieve one of this season’s biggest haircut trends in just short of 60 seconds.

The trick involves tying your hair into a ponytail right on the top of your head. Then, you cut along the ponytail in a straight line. When you take the ponytail out, your hair should fall into a layered mullet.

One video that’s particularly popular is by TikTok user @effervescingelephant, which has gathered 3.8 million views (and counting). The social media platform is also filled with countless other videos all attempting the one-minute mullet.

The results are quite impressive but the thing is, the majority of these haircuts aren’t actually a mullet – they’re more a shag haircut.

Mullets involve a lot less hair along the sides, with all of the length focused entirely on the back of the head. Even “modern mullets”, which are less dramatic, require more layers. So, while this haircut trick seems like a good place to start, achieving an actual mullet will require additional cutting once you take out your ponytail.

Just look at Rihanna’s hair for some inspiration:

That being said, this trick is definitely handy at adding in quick layers or a good way to achieve a shaggy haircut, another big trend of the season.

A shag haircut involves lots and lots of layers, all cut at various lengths along the sides and top of your hair.

While there’s lots of impressive results all over TikTok (seriously, they look incredible), there’s lots of room for error.

So while our scissors look tempting, our lack of ability to draw in a straight line has us saying no. We’ll be leaving it to our hairdressers.

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