There's a Reason Shoppers Are Calling This "the Perfect Clay Mask"

Good ol' fashioned clay face masks are what could lovingly be referred to as the training wheels of skincare. After all, they're how so many of us got our start. But, while clay masks will forever be a classic, both our knowledge of skincare — and the needs of our skin — have since evolved.

We've learned about microbiomes! We understand the importance of protecting our skin barrier! We buy products that make us feel like amateur chemists! And that all means it's time for a clay mask that's grown with us, too. Thankfully, Youth to the People has answered that call with its Superclay Purify + Clear Power Mask. 

The brand has taken the staple from its days of middle school sleepovers and packed it with all the skincare powerhouse ingredients of 2021. Its detoxifying component alone is made up of a triple-clay blend of volcanic, French green, and white clays which work to deep clean, exfoliate, and absorb excess oil without drying out skin. 

But it's the addition of niacinamide that really elevates the creamy-textured mask. As today's cult-favorite for skin brightening, redness reducing, and pore minimizing benefits, the hero ingredient does all that, plus it helps to strengthen the skin's moisture barrier. In short: Using it won't dry out your skin the way many clay masks tend to.

Rounding out the mask are additions of pore-clearing salicylic acid, red willow bark, and — like Youth to the People's beloved exfoliating toner  — kombucha black tea for a dose of skin-friendly probiotics. Even though the clay mask launched just weeks ago, it's already gaining popularity among skincare enthusiasts who say, "it will literally unclog all the gunk out of your pores."

"This is the perfect clay mask," one reviewer said. "I don't usually like clay masks due to how tight they feel on the skin, and they usually irritate my skin. This mask is so light, but you can still feel it working. It goes on and washes off really easily and leaves your skin looking so clear, fresh, and flawless. This is definitely going to be a new staple in my routine!" 

To get the most out of the mask, the brand recommends applying an even layer, allowing it to sit for ten minutes before rinsing, then following it with moisturizer. Because it's not harsh or drying, you can even use it up to three times a week. If you're ready to give your clay mask a 2021-worthy upgrade, head to Youth to the People to get the formula shoppers are loving.

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