There are four new blonde shades coming this spring, including nectar, 90s and mahogany

Written by Morgan Fargo

Featuring nectar and 90s blonde, as well as Louis Vuitton brown, there’s a plethora of new shades to try.

Last year we predicted that expensive brunette and expensive blonde hair colours were going to prevail in 2022 and, not to shout about it, but they absolutely did. Now, as we close out Q1 of this new year, there are some new shades coming to the fore with wonderfully visual names. 

Predicted by leading hairstylist and Evo international creative director Tom Smith, here are the hair colours we’re betting on this spring. A mixture of new blondes, elevated browns and a black-that-isn’t-black-but-looks-black, here’s everything you need to know about 2022’s spring hair colour trends.

1. Nectar blonde

“This 00s honey blonde oozes richness with a super gold tone that reflects the light and is dripping with gloss and shine. Often seen as part of an ‘expensive blonde’ colour design, nectar blonde is a specific shade of blonde that contains a yellow-gold tone, similar to Egyptian jewellery, rather than brassy or yellow.

“Ask your stylist to gloss your blonde hair with a bright golden shade and be sure to couple it with a conditioning treatment to maximize the shine. Style the hair with high shine moisturising products that reflect the light and blow-dry smooth or with a soft wave – it’ll keep the style looking ‘expensive’.”

2. 90s blonde

“A nod to the 90s, this blonde colour is achieved with lots of highlights and left ‘untoned’ to give a slightly raw, bleached look. Thanks to modern haircare this colour can be achieved while keeping the hair in tip-top condition. This is important to keep it looking intentional and purposeful – not the result of a wayward treatment. 

“Ask your stylist for a full head of perfectly lifted blonde highlights, left bright enough to be untoned or toned with a clear, diluted toner. Use science-led haircare such as Olaplex and K18 to keep the hair looking healthy and vibrant.”

3. Mahogany blonde

“This shade is an earthier version of the well-known strawberry blonde. It has a copper and gold element with a touch of rose that makes it extremely pretty and unusual. Its warm and cool nature makes it flattering for many skin tones and it’s a great way of trying a copper shade for the first time. While it sits in the copper and red colour family, it’s still very close to blonde.

“Ask your hairstylist for a soft rose-copper and show them pictures to help you both keep a clear image in your mind of what it is you’re after. Mahogany blonde is quite a particular shade, so if your stylist doesn’t offer a custom-colour take-home conditioner (like Evo Fab Pro), bank on returning to the salon for a glossing treatment a few weeks later to refresh the shade’s delicate undertones.”

4. Sherbet blonde

“After Pantone naming ’Very Peri’ (a periwinkle shade of violet) the colour of the year, pastel hair was always going to be on the cards for a spring hair trend. Sherbet hair can be any pastel candy colour and works best as a temporary wash on hair that is already blonde. The best-suited shades are candyfloss pink, soft-peach and lavender.

“Ask your stylist for a temporary gloss after your usual blonding appointment. They will be able to advise you as to the best candy shade to suit you. The best thing about sherbet hair is that these colours tend to fade quite quickly, so the necessary commitment is quite low.”

5. Louis Vuitton brown

“A continuation of the ‘expensive brunette’ trend, Louis Vuitton brown is a specific shade rather than a colour texture pattern. Think of the colour of the aged leather of a Louis Vuitton handbag – a gorgeous rich tan colour that’s not too pale but not heavy or dark either. This suits a variety of skin tones due to its medium depth and should be worn with healthy flowing hair that shines to show the shade off at its best.

“Ask your stylist for a medium-light brown shade with a warm golden-toffee tone. Keep the tone fresh using Evo Fabuloso Caramel or Chestnut Colour Boosting Treatment.”

6. Off black

“Cooler shades always appear darker than warmer shades, and so while very dark, this hair colour is actually the darkest shade of brown with a very cool, ashy undertone, giving the appearance of black to the untrained eye. This stops the shade looking overly harsh or draining but retains the striking, inky appearance of black hair.”

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