The Nail Colors Each Sign Should Wear for Virgo Season May Surprise You

Virgo season commenced on August 22, so if you've been feeling a little more like a perfectionist, that may be why.

The new astrological season also means that the last month of summer is upon us, so we are in need of nail polishes that fall in between bright hues and autumnal shades.

We already know that finding the perfect shade for the in-between season is hard, but we're about to make things a lot easier.

Here, we rounded up the best shades for each sign to wear during Virgo season, hand-picked by a seasoned astrologer.

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A deep nude is the perfect shade for Virgo to adorn their nails with during their birthday month. This sign is looking for a chic and cool hue that is not bright or fussy, and goes with every article of clothing they have.

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It's peak romance season for Libras. They should use this opportunity to speak from the heart, but this can be hard for anyone who's not fully confident just yet. If that's you, this beautiful color will boost your self-esteem and self-assurance, while inspiring you to assert your feels and trust your intuition when it comes to love. 

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Wine is the perfect pre-autumn color for Scorpio. They will be drawn to the dark hue because it's not as bright as cherry red, and not as unseasonal as black. This shade falls in between those two colors.

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Sagittarius will need a ton of inspiration and motivation when it comes to their professional life this month. The good news is that a burnt gold/bronze hue on their nails will definitely give them the push they crave to allow them to win.

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This is a wonderful time for Capricorn to manifest greatness, which is why they will opt to wear a mossy green hue on their nails to remind themselves of their purest intentions all month long. That way they can bring their dreams to life through the use of color magic.

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The month ahead is very transformative for Aquarius. All the more reason for them to adorn their nails with a dark blue color which will help them evolve and grow. Also, this shade is going to protect them while they're on their own personal journeys and allow them to find their path.

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Pisces are longing to find balance and harmony with others, which is why this lavender hue will serve as the perfect nail polish to ensure that they attract positivity and good vibes in all of their partnerships. Plus, it'll allow them to resolve old issues with friends and family members.

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A soft peachy orange is the ideal color to get the fire started under Aries's belly this month. After all, they have a lot of mundane activities and tasks to do, which means that they'll need a seasonal hue to get their energy high to boost their action packed sentiments.

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Love is on the brain of most Tauruses this month. A soft pink hue will make their hearts burst with romance and lovely vibes. Also, this is a great color to induce creativity and artistry — all of which the Bull is more than willing to welcome with open arms now. 

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Although Gemini likes to communicate in depth, they are taking a backseat to over-texting and calling their besties. However, they'll still need a color (like this light yellow hue) to adorn their nails with. Not only is it bright and cheery, but it will push them to engage with people and not totally disappear or flake this month.

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Cancer's are known to change their moods just as quickly as the moon changes phases. Therefore, they will need a shade of nail polish that brings their deep emotions to life and lets them be known to others. This season, it's time to wear your heart on your nails — literally.

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The confidence of Leo is always high, but sometimes they need a reminder of their amazingness. That's why a bold and bright red nail polish for their proud claws will make the lion take charge of their amazing attributes and qualities. Plus, it'll get them noticed, which they'll really love. 

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