The Mastermind Behind Jennifer Aniston's Glowy Skin Says This Mascara Is "Almost As Good As Extensions"

Think about that one beauty product you reach for religiously. As in, if you weren't in the mood to do a full face of makeup but wanted a little something to give you a more made-up appearance, what would you use? If you said a trusty tube of mascara, ding, ding, ding! That would be our pick, too. 

Put simply, nothing beats a couple of swipes of mascara. Correction: Nothing beats a few swipes of really good mascara as it has the power to completely transform your eyes (and, in turn, face). While there are quite literally hundreds of thousands of tubes out there, one particular pick has had our attention for months because it's so darn good. In fact, Jennifer Aniston's facialist recently compared it to having lash extensions, and, uh, is there any better compliment than that?

Melanie Simon has been the mastermind behind Aniston's dewy, glowing complexion for years, so when she recommends a product, whether it's for the skin or eyes, we're all ears. She recently deemed the Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara one of her favorites for lengthening and mentioned she "can't live without it" during a Who What Wear interview, making a covetable mascara even more covetable.

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The Ilia mascara has become an Internet favorite because it simply works so well. All the ugh-inducing factors you've come across with other formulas, like flaky fall-out, eye burning, and smudging when you (accidentally) rub your eyes are not a thing with this one. It's also hydrating as it's made with a blend of organic bee and carnauba waxes that condition each lash.

Don't be fooled by its gentle formula, though — this mascara does the work when it comes to creating longer, fuller, more luscious-looking lashes with just a few swipes. And it's not just Simon (or us) who's obsessed; thousands of people who've tried this Ilia mascara are blown away by the results.

"Y'all, I'm telling you this mascara has done wonders to my eyelashes," read one review. "I am constantly being asked if my lashes are real or fake, and it's due to the unique design of the brush! It gives you fullness but also helps smooth with the lash comb! 20/10 recommend!"

The brand also recently released a new mascara, the Fullest Volumizing Mascara, which will give you even more volume. So whatever lash mood you're in, Ilia's mascara will help you achieve it. Our advice? Scoop up both.

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