The Best Mattress Toppers and Bedding for Back to School

Starting college or heading back to campus is a super important period in life, filled with plenty of changes and challenges. That’s why guaranteeing yourself a good night’s sleep is imperative during this phase of life. One of the easiest ways to make sure you’re getting some quality sleep before school is by laying a good foundation with a mattress topper that’s just right for you. 

From thinner down alternative or gel toppers to thickly cushioned memory foam, every student will want something different for their perfect night’s rest. Plus, with plenty of options in duvets, duvet covers, sheets and pillows, you can easily custom design the perfect bedding set up for you. 

So whether you’re headed back to school and just dreading dealing with that ancient mattress that comes with your dorm room, or you’re gearing up for another semester of remote learning and want to craft your sleeping sanctuary, the Goldilocks of mattress toppers– plus the perfect sheets, duvets and pillows– is out there for you. 

Here are 15 of the best mattress toppers and other sleep essentials for back to school!

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