The 10 Most Expensive Gins, Ranked

Lots of people enjoy gin, which is probably why the market for it has been so good lately. While some of them are pretty affordable, others are very expensive, much like other types of alcohol.

One of the 20 most expensive gins in the world is Nolet’s Silver Dry Gin. This one costs £67.32, which is worth $82.69 in United States dollars. This gin was created by billionaire Carolus Nolet and his sons, and the signature botanicals of this beverage are raspberry and peach, as well as Turkish rose. The Nolet family distillery has been operating for over 325 years – however, that’s cheap as chips compared to these other high-end gins!

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10 Cambridge Seasonal Gin – $110.55

Cambridge Seasonal Gin is an extremely limited type of gin, which is why each bottle costs £90, which equals $110.55. The Spring-Summer version of this beverage combines numerous tasty flavors, such as honey, lemon balm, and magnolia blossom. With tasty flavors like these, it’s easy to see why a bottle of this costs so much.

The botanicals that are used in Cambridge Seasonal Gin are typically grown throughout the first few months of the year. The distillery is located in England, and they also make Cambridge Dry Gin, which contains approximately eight botanicals. Some of them are angelica, rose petals, violet petals, Macedonian juniper, basil, rosemary, lemon verbena, and blackcurrant leaf.

9 Limited Edition Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut 2018 – $135.12

This type of gin costs £110.00, which equals $135.12 in United States dollars, and it’s not hard to see why. Monkey 47 spends a lot of time looking for “Species Rara,” which basically means that they are always looking for certain special ingredients for their various types of gin.

Every year, this company makes approximately 4,000 copies of a Distiller’s Cut, which seems to be different every year. Since this gin is so limited, lots of collectors are always excited to get their hands on it whenever they get the chance. Red mustard leaves were added to the 2018 version of this beverage, which is part of what sets it apart from the others.

8 Foragers Clogau Reserve Gin – $159.69

This particular type of gin was created to commemorate the Royal wedding in 2018, which is why it is worth $159.69. When the price is converted to British pounds, it is £130.

There are multiple reasons why this gin costs so much. Since it was created in honor of the Royal wedding, not many bottles were made. There were 440 bottles created, and the public was only given access to 250 of them, which is why this gin has such a hefty price tag attached to it. Anyone who has a chance to get their hands on this gin is pretty lucky.

7 Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin Goldcap – $162.14

Saar Dry Gin Goldcap costs £132, which equals $162.14 in USD. This batch of Ferdinand’s gin is very unique, and the ingredients in it include pears, acacia shoots, and dried Riesling grapes.

The gin also includes cocoa beans, as well as Mirabelle plums. An interesting fact about Mirabelle plums is that they are actually banned in the United States of America. These are only grown in France, and that makes it nearly impossible to import them into the United States.

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Those who drink it will likely taste hints of pineapple, mint, ginger, juniper, pine needles, and orange peel. The packaging is also very nice as well.

6 Ramazzotti Dry Gin 1960’s Bottling Note – $176.88

This bottle of gin is incredibly hard to find, which is part of the reason why the price is so steep. At $176.88 (which equals £144), this gin is not something that everyone can afford. This is a bottle of Ramazzaoti Dry Gin B.B., but no one knows what the “B.B.” stands for yet.

Not many details about this gin are currently known. Apparently, this bottle of gin used to be a part of someone’s private gin collection. This gin was produced in Italy, and the bottle has approximately 45% alcohol, which means that it is pretty strong, and it’s not for someone who just wishes to have a light drink.

5 Cambridge Anty Gin – $245.68

Every bottle of this gin contains the essence of approximately sixty-two red wood ants, and it is worth $245.68. In British pounds, the gin is £200.

Red wood ants are very important, especially when it comes to the creation of Cambridge Anty Gin. They also have another name, which is “Formica rufa.” Some people also refer to them as mound ants, horse ants, and field ants.

There are about 200 different types of red wood ants, and they are rather large. These things are powerful little creatures, since they are capable of spraying acid at their enemies, even if they are a few feet away.

4 HMS Victory Oak Barrel Aged Navy Strength Gin – $436.08

The Isle of Wight Distillery partnered with the National Museum of the Royal Navy to create this wonderful gin that is $436.08 a bottle. In British pounds, a bottle of gin is worth £355, and those who drink it are literally getting a taste of history, which means that this gin is definitely something that should be cherished.

This was modeled after the gin that Naval officers enjoyed back in the 1800s. The packaging is another reason why HMS Victory Oak Barrel Aged Strength Gin is so expensive, since every bottle is sold in an oak box that has a leather handle attached to it.

3 Nolet’s Reserve Gin – $651.05

The Nolet family have created many great bottles of gin, including Nolet’s Reserve Gin, which is worth $651.05 (which equals £530). The distillery where this gin is made has been in the Nolet family for 10 generations, which just shows how great they are at making products that have a great deal of quality.

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Nolet’s Reserve Gin is a limited edition bottle of gin, which likely means that collectors everywhere dream of getting the chance to own one of these. This gin uses two botanicals, which are verbena and spicy saffron. It is a nice drink to enjoy with great company, and it is definitely something that should be sipped and savored.

2 Cambridge Watenshi Gin – $2,456.81

Cambridge Wantenshi Gin is known as “the world’s most exclusive gin,” and it costs £2,000, which is $2,456.81 in USD. This is the second most expensive gin in the world, which is why collectors consider it to be very important.

Precisely six bottles are made in every batch. Another thing that makes this gin so luxurious is the fact that the bottle has small amounts of silver in it, since the distillery that makes it works with a jeweler.

But the luxury doesn’t stop with the bottle. The taste is pretty great as well, and it has slight hints of spice, juniper, and citrus in it.

1 700ml Morus LXIV Gin – $4,913.24

The most expensive bottle of gin in the world is the 700ml bottle of Morus LXIV Gin, which was sold for £4,000, which is $4,914.24 when it is converted to USD. A 30ml bottle was also sold for £200, and that included the stirrup cup that came with it.

Before this was sold, the gin that held this title was Watenshi Gin. Morus LXIV gin is sold in white porcelain jars, and each bottle comes with the stirrup cup. The cup is contained in a leather hide case, and all of this is part of what makes this gin worth the expensive price.

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