Storybook Cosmetics Is Officially In Ulta So You Can Swatch The ‘Mean Girls’ & ‘Harry Potter’ Palettes IRL

While mermaid collections may be waining in popularity, and unicorn themed items aren’t all the rage any longer, one brand has harnessed the fantastical in a long lasting way. Now, Storybook Cosmetics is at Ulta, and while you may be thinking that they’ve been at the retailer for a while, you’d be right, kind of.

Over the holiday weekend, Storybook Cosmetics launched in physical Ulta stores. While the brand had been offered online via the retailer’s website, they hadn’t made their way onto IRL shelves yet. That has all changed according to the brand.

In a post to their Instagram account, the brand revealed that not only will they be in Ulta stores, but that they’re now offered in every single one! You won’t need to figure out which Ulta closest to you offers Storybook Cosmetics because they all do. If you’ve ever wanted to swatch their Harry Potter inspired palette or see the colors of their lipsticks in real life, now is your chance.

While holographic themed collections may be on the way out, Storybook Cosmetics popularity seems to be less about the cute and more about embracing the things people love like books and fairy tales and of course, makeup.

Storybook Cosmetics first rose to popularity thanks to a few key products. Perhaps their most well-known are their Harry Potter themed goods. While not directly linked to the book and film franchise, the brand launched a witches and wizards themed collection of eyeshadows and makeup brushes that allow fans to embrace their inner Hogwarts student, and for fans who love makeup and books, it was a dream come true.

Of course, that’s not all the brand has done. They’ve majorly expanded since their first products, and it’s fueled an online frenzy. Perhaps their other largest launch was their Mean Girls palette. The pink packaged set of eyeshadows were shaped into the perfect replica of the famous Burn Book and included a gorgeous array of colors far outside of what you may have thought would be a basic pink palette (but don’t worry, there’s, of course, pink for Wednesdays).

Storybook Cosmetics, however, isn’t the only brand to join the Ulta family lately. The retailer has become a bit of a champion of bringing indie brands into the retail space. Just recently, (adorable) bakery-themed beauty brand Beauty Bakerie made their way into Ulta stores, and they aren’t alone. Major brands are coming along as well.

Both Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Fragrance have launched in Ulta Beauty stores allowing fans of the Kardashian and Jenner helmed brands to swatch and smell the women’s products IRL for the first time before buying (unless you were able to head to a pop-up shop). Clearly, Ulta is expanding, and it’s an exciting time for beauty fans.

If you’re less about lip kits and more about fairy tales (or both), you’ll be stoked to know that you can now get Storybook Cosmetics at Ulta stores nationwide. Get ready to snag the perfect look for the holidays and say Accio! to these products.

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