P1 Harmony Were Just A Bit Thrown By Our TikTok Challenge

On this week’s TikTok Challenge Challenge, The K Pop group P1 Harmony joined Cosmo to show off their skills, and that they did! Or, at least really really tried to. Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob each got their chance to do some of the top dances trending on TikTok RN. Yup, I’m talking “Slave 4 U,” “White Tiger,” and more! The group had just a minute to learn these routines, which you’ll know is nottt simple if you’ve ever seen a TikTok dance, (I’m still struggling to grasp “Savage” after a whole year.)

Keeho developed a *tiny* conspiracy theory towards the end, (alert the masses!) Apparently “the people who are good at dancing got the easy dances…the people who are not so good at dancing got the hard dances!” Rest assured, Keeho, all of these TikTok moves were assigned completely at random. Plus, these guys have provided ample evidence that they’re all good at dancing when they’ve had more prep time:

I won’t reveal who the winner of this challenge was, but I will say he was adorably skeptical about his victory, Don’t ya love a winner with humility?

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