I Tried the Facial Device Victoria's Secret Angels Use, and My Skin Is Glowier Than Ever

I Tried the Facial Device Victoria’s Secret Angels Use, and My Skin Is Glowier Than Ever

If there is one thing I learned from my mom, it’s the importance of skin care. I’ve never gone to bed without taking my makeup off; I’m always trying out new masks, getting facials, and using technology in my skin’s favor. This year after attending the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, I couldn’t stop thinking about how healthy the Angels’ skin looked. So I decided to find out the secret behind their glow — and it was the GLOPulse ($165).

The futuristic-looking device was created by skincare expert Georgia Louise — who has worked with several VS Angels as well as Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, and Emma Stone — and is equipped with two electrode plates that rest on the cheeks that promise to boost blood circulation and soften the appearance of wrinkles without injections.

“It uses galvanic current, which pulses though the dermis, stimulating the full face in seconds, whereas a regular massage only stimulates one part of the face, and a full massage takes minutes,” Louise told POPSUGAR, adding that the current also makes it easy for the ingredients of a product to penetrate “100 times deeper into the skin than a regular sheet mask.”

Want to know what I really thought of the treatment? Keep reading for my unfiltered opinion ahead.

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