How to get Hailey Bieber's new 'chocolate ganache nails'

We’re crushing over Hailey Bieber’s perfect nails once again, and this time, glazed donuts have been replaced with chocolate ganache.

We thought we were stuck with autumnal red as the weather turns colder, but Hailey’s new brown nails are set to the be the colour of the season.

In a recent Instagram post the supermodel shared a series of pictures from her time in Brazil which featured the look.

We’re still seeing her glazed donut nails everywhere – with videos on TikTok that show how to perfect the look hitting over five million views.

And lucky for us, her viral looks are easy to achieve at home.

British nail brand, Mylee, have shared how to achieve Hailey’s chocolatey look, and it couldn’t be easier.

Firstly prep your nails. Push you cuticles back using a cuticle pusher and trim any excess skin.

Then buff the nails to remove the shine and wipe them with nail varnish remover to ensure your ready for the polish.

Once prepped, apply a gel polish to provide a strong, long-lasting base to work on.

Then, to get that perfect shade, Mylee’s Senior Brand Ambassador, Tinu Bello, said: ‘Follow with two layers of Mylee’s Gel Polish in the shade Choco-Latte.

‘Top with Mylee’s Gel Polish in Sea Shell to really achieve that gorgeous glazed look.’

Finish with a top coat to protect your new nails from chipping and scratches and you’ll have nails even Hailey herself would be jealous of.

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