From Detox Masks to $200 Face Creams, Here's What's in This Year's Grammys Gift Bags

From Detox Masks to $200 Face Creams, Here’s What’s in This Year’s Grammys Gift Bags

The Grammys may have an entirely different look and feel this year, but that doesn’t mean the gift bags won’t be just as extravagant. In case you’re unfamiliar with how these work, every year after the show, each person who either wins an award or presents leaves the ceremony with a gift bag full of swag including everything from apparel to spa certificates to, of course, luxury beauty products.

Typically you can expect the items in all of the gift bags to be worth a few thousand dollars in total, but given the circumstances of the last year, this year’s bag will focus on items from BIPOC-owned brands as well as those “embracing diversity, inclusion, equity and philanthropy,” according to a release from Distinctive Assets, who assembled the bags this year. Since the Grammys will be mostly virtual this year, it’s not all the way clear how everyone will receive their gift bags, though our guess is that they’ll be mailed to each winner.

The 2021 Grammy Awards will air on March 14 at 8 p.m. ET. Read ahead to take a look at all the beauty products that’ll be in each gift bag.

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