Everything TikTok Made Us Buy

It’s fair to say that in this wildly unpredictable year (we’re still holding out hope for you, 2021), TikTok has been the MVP in bringing us all a healthy dose of joy. Along with all of the hours of entertainment and attempted choreographed dances, we’ve also picked up more than a few helpful life hacks and unexpected product reviews. 

When the ET Style team saw an item trending, we trusted the algorithm, and added it to our cart. TikTok did not disappoint. From affordable fashion finds like the best Lululemon dupes from Amazon and surprisingly perfect jeans from Walmart to the best drugstore mascaras and kitchen tools you didn’t know you needed, TikTok became the ultimate destination for anything you’re shopping for. So much so in fact, that once an item goes viral on the Gen-Z approved social media app, it’s bound to sell out like the affordable Gap jeans with a flawless fit that TikTok users couldn’t stop raving about. 

Ahead, shop all of the items that TikTok made us buy that were 100% worth it.  





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