Editors' Picks: The Best Things We Bought in 2020

So…we got really good at online shopping in 2020.

Amid all the tough stuff that this year brought, we’re thankful that many retailers we love were able to keep doing business as usual — online. Because we found ourselves constantly scrolling on our phones and computers, wanting and needing all the things. And we have a feeling we’re not alone.

Whether we were getting supplies for newfound hobbies like baking, setting up our cozy home office, testing out fun beauty treatments or shopping for the holidays, we ended up adding so much stuff to cart over the past 12 months. (All those targeted Instagram ads didn’t help, either.)

In the spirit of spreading holiday cheer, we’re sharing the very best things we bought this year. From celeb-approved leggings to sleek countertop appliances to WHF essentials, everything you see below has a stamp of approval from the ET Style team. 

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