Celebrities Genuinely Love These Makeup Items — and You'll Find Them All at Sephora

Celebrities Genuinely Love These Makeup Items — and You’ll Find Them All at Sephora

Whether they’re on stage, on screen, on the red carpet, or just taking a #mirrorselfie, celebrities get to try alllllll of the makeup. So if a star places a lipstick or foundation in constant rotation, you know it’s got to be good — because being camera-ready is a major part of the job. And when you want to find the most celebrity-favorite makeup products in one place, you’d be wise to head to Sephora.

That’s because with literally thousands of products in stock, Sephora always has the latest in celebrity makeup: the stars’ favorite clean beauty products, luxury makeup worn at award shows, and the newest indie brands. (Oh, and in case you needed a reminder of what Sephora means to some of the biggest stars in the world, remember: this is where Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty.) If a product has earned the seal of approval by a famously gorgeous person (or the glam squad that pulls those red-carpet looks together), you know where to go to make it your own.

To help you find some of the stars’ favorite makeup products, we’ve scoured the digital space to confirm these celebrity-beloved items. If you’re looking for Lizzo’s lipstick or Camila Mendes’s clean-beauty highlighter, read on to discover some of the celebrity-favorite makeup products at Sephora.

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