Bella Hadid Looks Incredible With Gray Hair

Bella Hadid is spending her time in quarantine like many of us: playing around with her beauty look and making TikTok videos. You know we all have that friend who decided to really go for it with the quarantine bangs or can't stop trying the dance challenges on the video streaming platform—no matter how embarrassing it might be for them in the future.

Luckily, Hadid has no reason to be concerned on either front. The supermodel showed off a brand new look earlier this week and we have to say that we're definitely loving her color. It's an ombré gray that starts at the roots with a more lavender-gray shade, but moves toward a grayish green at the tips of her wavy bob. You can see it in action as she and her best friend, Lauren Perez, take part in the sisters challenge in a TikTok video she captioned, "Is it the gray hair?"

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“Is it the gray hair?” #BellaHadidTikTok

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But, plot twist…the pair didn't actually dye their hair while in isolation. Instead, they appear to have used one of the best filters we've ever seen on social media. It looks so real—and gorgeous.

Hadid is definitely known for playing around not only with her hair color, but also her cuts. The last time photographers caught her out in public (on March 12 in New York City), she was sporting her more typical brown hair and bangs.

While many of us are battling with our roots growing in and a preponderance of grays as we can't visit our beloved hair salons during this tough time, Hadid is definitely making the case for going totally (fashion) gray, even if it is only a filter. Or perhaps you were more inspired by Hilary Duff's recent change to Easter egg blue? Either way, there are a lot of great at-home products available for you to try and a slew of expert tips to follow so you don't end up with a result your colorist will be pissed at you for.

May your color be as chic as Bella Hadid's—and your TikTok videos as seamless.

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