Are the Korean exfoliation cloths that remove keratosis pilaris worth the faff?

If you have bumps on the back of your arms, thighs, and bum, you might have heard the term keratosis pilaris – or KP for short.

These bumps are completely harmless, with keratin building up under the skin and causing patches of roughness that don’t cause pain – but are a little annoying.

KP tends to run in families, but isn’t remotely contagious. It’s just a mild inconvenience for most – albeit one that many have tried their best to remove for cosmetic reasons.

According to the NHS, mild, unperfumed soaps, lukewarm showers, and patting dry can reduce the appearance of KP.

However, people have been raving about a new solution; these exfoliation mitts from Korea that help you gently slough off the build-up.

As part of our weekly review series Is It Worth the Faff? We’ve given them a try.

What are Korean exfoliation mitts?

If you’ve found yourself on skincare TikTok recently, you might have seen these little green wonders on your For You page.

They look like any other shower mitt, but are made from Viscose Rayon that’s slightly rough and contracts when wet.

They’ve been hailed as a miracle ‘cure’ for KP, as well as for use as a general shower product to buff your skin and improve circulation.

Faff involved

Basically none whatsoever. I’ve tried every scrub on the planet, and while many are great, it often feels like you can’t target your exfoliation (as the beads and grains disperse while you use).

With this, you simply put your hand in the mitt, get it wet, then scrub with your chosen shower gel or soap.

The results

My skin feels and looks amazing. I have a small patch of keratosis pilaris on the side of my face, and after using one of the mitts with my foaming cleanser it’s gone in one use!

For fake tan prep, I’d say these are also going to be a big help, as my skin felt super clean and smooth after use on the body.

I hadn’t been well, and I felt refreshed (and like all the ‘ick’ that you feel when you’re sick was scrubbed clean off in the bath).

Are they worth the faff?

Given I paid £5.90 for four of these, and there was no more faff than my usual shower scrunchie, I’d absolutely say they were.

Some people said in reviews that they’d soak in the bath for 30 minutes before using and had never seen results like it.

Personally, I’m not sure I had this ‘wow’ moment, but prefer these mitts to messy scrubs and bulky shower puffs.

All in all, big fan.

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