5 Huge Nail Color Trends That'll Rule Your Mood Board This Fall

5 Huge Nail Color Trends That’ll Rule Your Mood Board This Fall

If summer is the Elle Woods of nail polish colors — bright, fun, the perfect accoutrement to holding fuzzy pink pens — then fall is the Wednesday Addams. It’s darker, moodier, and bold as hell . . . and definitely not traveling to Harvard Law School for a man.

Like both characters and the movies they hail from, the upcoming season’s biggest nail polish trends are packed with nostalgiic feels; anything that was popular in the ’70s and ’90s will be cool again.

“I think people are yearning for a sense of familiarity and want to return to things we know and love, the same can be said about fall colors and trends,” Sigourney Nuñez, OPI’s North America education manager, told POPSUGAR.

Where you might expect to see your traditional burnt orange shades or forest greens, the nail experts we spoke with predict there will be a few unexpected twists in our future.

“There will be a neutral trend, somewhat of a “pastel fall,” that I’m really looking forward to,” said celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders. Nuñez added: “Popular spring and summer shades like pastels and cherry reds will be relevant in the fall.”

But don’t worry, eventually, as temperatures drop more and more, “we will see a season of softer shades,” like we’re used to, according to Julie Kandalec, CND spokesperson and celebrity nail artist. Ahead, Nuñez, Kandalec, and Saunders break down the five biggest fall nail polish color trends you’re about to see everywhere.

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