10 Simple Ideas That Made People Millionaires

Some ideas look so simple that makes many people wonder: Why I didn’t think about that before? But having a great insight about a product is not the only thing necessary to make it successful otherwise, we would all be millionaires. There is a lot of planning, business strategies and tests to improve the product.

Here is a list of ten simple ideas that made people millionaires. They are from different fields, have different backgrounds, but they all had something in common: they believed in their product and didn’t give up even hearing the word “no” many times.

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10 Band-aid

We all have a pack of band-aid at home. But have you ever wondered how it was created? Back in 1920, Josephine Dickson was a housewife who was continually cutting and burning herself. Her husband, Earle Dickson, created a plaster that helped her to take care of herself without any help.

Dickson, who worked for Johnson & Johnson, noticed that his prototype had a lot of potentials and tried to sell the idea to his company. But they did not pay attention at first and he had to insist a lot. As we all know, band-aid became an essential item in anyone first-aid kit. Dickson became Johnson & Johnson vice president.

9 Airbnb


According to Forbes, Airbnb is a brand worth $35 billion and it has revolutionized the travel industry. But it all started with two students who weren’t able to pay their rent. In 2007 Brian Chesky and Nathan Blecharczyk heard hotels in San Francisco, where they lived, were overbooked due to a design conference.

They bought three air mattress and created a simple website www.airandbreakfast.com. Who rented the bed would also receive breakfast and they were also available as tour guides. They thought it would be just a fun way to make money, but soon they realized how good the idea really was.

8 Slap Bracelet

If you were a kid during the 80s and 90s, you probably had a collection of slap bracelets. It was created in 1983 by the High School teacher Stuart Anders, who just tough it would be a fun idea. However, the idea was more than good and the slap bracelets were successful in many countries.

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Just in 1990, the company had an $8 million revenue, according to the New York Times. However, after some children suffered injuries with it, slap bracelets started losing popularity. But the sensation lasted long enough to make Stuart Anders millionaire.

7 Spanx

When Sarah Blakely was trying to find something to wear under white pants. She got a pair of pantyhose and cut the feet and when she saw how it looked she thought it was a product that should exist.

She used all her savings to patent her idea and to create a prototype of Spanx. Her $5 thousand investments were worth it and we can find her products in almost 70 countries. According to Forbes, Sarah Blakely has a $ 1 billion net worth and is one of the few self-made billionaires in America.

6 Velcro

Velcro is something so simple that you probably never taught how it was created. While George de Mestral was walking with his dog in Switzerland he noticed there were some burrs in his clothes and over his dog. He looked at them under the microscope and analyzed the hooks.

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George de Mestral was an engineer and during almost one decade he tried to create a product with a similar effect. The final result is the velcro we know, the name is a combination of velvet and crochet. He patted his millionaire product in 1960.

5 Tinder

Tinder is the most successful dating app we have seen this decade. If you didn’t use it, you probably know someone who had a Tinder profile. It has revolutionized dating not only in America but in many countries.

According to Time, the app was created by Sean Rad and Just Mateen, that were college students and met during classes. The entrepreneurs just wanted something simpler than the ” Hot or Not” and that was made for phones, not a computer. According to Forbes, the company is now a powerful brand worth $ 3 billion.

4 Post-It

Post-it is another product that we all have at home and at the office. The curious fact is that was created almost by accident. In 1974, Arthur Fry was trying to find bookmarks that didn’t fall out on his hymnal. After many attempts, he remembered that Spencer Silver, a colleague from work, had invented an adhesive that was not so strong. He used it on his bookmarks and noticed how useful it could be.

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He presented the prototype to his company, 3M, that wasn’t sure about the idea. They released it in four cities and the original name was Press ‘n Peel. It took a while, but the small bookmarks started to sell very well, they renamed it to Post-It and the rest of history we know.

3 Zumba

Pero Perez is a Colombian immigrant who was teaching traditional aerobic classes in the United States. One day, he forgot the tape he recorded with pop music songs and saw he took one with Latin music instead. Immediately, he behaved like everything was planned and said he had something new to show. He improvised the steps and people were excited with the new class.

Perez saw the idea had potential. Not only he introduced Latin music on his classes, but he recorded a tape with many people following his classes by the beach. He started selling the videotapes on television and also teach other instructors. The result is a brand and is worth more than $ 2 billion.

2 Koosh Ball

This is another product very popular among the kids who grew up during the 80s and 90s. It was created in 1986 by the engineer Scott Stillinger, that was trying to teach his children to play catch. He aimed to create a ball that was soft and wouldn’t bounce so much. After he made the prototype and saw his children reaction, he thought it could be popular among other children as well. And he was right.

Stillinger was so sure it would be a success that he quit his job just to be dedicated to the rubber balls. In 1997 he sold it to Hasbro for $ 100 million.

1 GoPro

Nick Woodman just wanted to take better pictures while he was surfing. From that issue, he got a camera and strapped it on his arm and that was how the idea of GoPro was born. He and his parents invested $260 000 in the idea and created a camera that was resistant, light to care and also much cheaper than the versions available.

According to Woodman, it was a success since the beginning and it also has changed how people register sports.

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