10 Scented Candles That Will Keep You Cozy All Winter Long

It's the most wonderful time of the year, which means it's the season to start making your home smell like the holidays — yes you read that right.

There's just something about the prevalence of cashmere, twinkling lights, and the faint sounds of Frank Sinatra singing "Silver Bells" that makes lighting a candle necessary.

For some, burning a candle makes us feel like we have a fire crackling next to us — even if our tiny apartments don't have a fireplace. Or maybe it's the fact that scent is so tightly woven into the essence of the holiday season, which of course occupies most of winter. Oh, and the soft glow of a candle's flame always makes you feel warmer.

That's why we're sharing our top 10 favorite candles for the holiday season with you. So get your matchbox ready, 'cause you'll want to light those wicks immediately.

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Heretic Dirty Gingerbread Scented Candle

Picture this: a clean, pure soy wax candle with notes of cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, ginger and spice. Yep, that’s right, every familiar seasonal scent is all wrapped in one thanks to this candle from Heretic. 

The Handmade Soap Co. Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme & Mint Candle

If relaxation is all you want this holiday season, then enjoy 40 hours of bliss with this candle. Rest-inducing lavender mixed with the scent of fresh-picked rosemary, thyme, and rejuvenating mint gives you a moment. 

Life in Lilac Always Welcome

Created by influencer Jen Reed, this Life in Lilac candle had a cult following the moment it launched in October. The sustainable, natural soy candle is hand-poured in Los Angeles into a hand-painted lilac jar and anchored with a luxe gold lid. The white spice and cedar scent is delicate, comforting, and perfectly suits the “always welcome” affirmation on the front. One more thing: don’t panic if it’s sold out, the company restocks as soon as they can get more produced, which is about once a week.

Paddywax Enneagram Candles

“What’s your enneagram number? I knew it! You are such a six!” If that convo sounds familiar, then this one’s for you. Made in the Paddywax factory in Nashville, these candles are poured into beautiful ombré glasses (a different color for each number, natch), and are the perfect way to evoke the spirit of your number. 

Siblings Scent No 04

Proof that eco-friendly and luxe aren’t mutually exclusive, Siblings candles offer a fun DIY experience as well as a soothing scent. Simply melt the scented wax in the microwave, then pour it into your vessel of choice. Once it sets, enjoy getting lost in the winter woods with the refreshing scent of eucalyptus, balsam, and sweet berries. We also love that Siblings is a carbon neutral company extremely focused on the well-being of the planet.  

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Otherland Adorned Collection: Dessert First

Sure, cozy and comfy is a mood we all like to evoke during the cold winter months, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want a healthy dose of opulence and glam in our lives, too! Vegan, hand-poured, toxin-free, and made with a cotton wick, this Dessert First candle smells like gingersnap, black cardamom, as well as milky tea. *chef’s kiss*

Skylar Vanilla Sky

Vanilla haters, hear me out: This candle smells exactly like a hot cup of cappuccino and nothing like the artificial vanilla scent you hate. With notes of caramelized cedar, cappuccino, and pure vanilla, this candle gives you a soothing scent even when it isn’t socially acceptable to be sipping on a drink. Skylar Candles are also hand-poured in LA, burn for more than 45 hours, and offer a clean and hypoallergenic formula.  

Broken Top Tumalo Cider Soy Candle

Serious question: Does apple cider even exist in the spring and summer? Because nothing warms up your entire being quite like a piping cup of cider when it’s cold out, right? With notes of apple, orange peel, and a kick of spice, this candle smells just like the real stuff — and makes your home smell like cold-weather heaven.

Trudon Gabriel Candle Christmas Edition

Do you love the smell of a fresh winter fire, but don’t actually want to, you know, smell like smoke and fire? Leave it to the prestigious French perfume house Trudon to create a scent of gourmand chimney fire with notes of leather, birch, cashmere wood, and candied chestnuts, so you can truly have it all. Made by master candlemakers in Normandy, the luxe smell of the candle is fully matched by the handmade, limited edition glass.

Bloomeffects Tulipa Candle

Want to transport yourself to a tulip field in the Dutch countryside? Let this Bloomeffects’ limited edition candle take you there with its fresh, floral fragrance. Inspired by the 115-year-old family tulip farm used to create Bloomeffects skincare products, the candle has notes of waterlily, blond woods, petit grain, and, of course, tulip. Nothing like a holiday vacay (or at least pretending to be on one). 

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