World’s longest water slide will open in August and it’ll take four minutes to complete the 3,700ft ride – The Sun

THE longest water slide in the world is set to open in August this year at a theme park in Malaysia.

Coming in at 3,740 feet (1,140m), it will beat the current Guinness World record by almost 2,000ft.

The new ride will open in August at Escape Theme Park in Penang after years of planning and construction, with 65 per cent of the attraction built already.

Guests will take a whopping four minutes to get from the top to the bottom.

They will slide down the ride from 229 feet (70m) in the air, through the trees and the forest, before landing in a large swimming pool at the end.

Escape Theme Park chief executive officer Sim Choo Kheng said he "didn't intend" to break the world record, but was proud of it anyway.

His main focus, he explained to Channel News Asia, was to protect the environment by "not chopping down the trees" for the ride.

A video the park released explains how construction is being done manually, without machinery, to "preserve the surrounding nature".

The theme park currently has a 984 foot (300m) water slide, which opened last year, with a 1,312 foot (400m) cable car being added to the park this year.

Guests can use the cable car to get to the top of the hill for the water slide.

There are currently two Guinness World Records for the world's longest water slide.

Action Park in New Jersey had the longest inflatable water slide, which measured 1,975ft (601.98m).

And in Germany, there was the longest tube/mat water slide, which came to 1,169ft (356.32m).

Escape Theme Park first opened in 2000 before closing in 2011, before re-opening under the same name as a waterpark in 2012.

One of the largest water slides can be found in Benidorm.

Called Cyclon, the huge ride at Aqualandia in Spain is over 12 storeys high, with a large 'zero gravity' vortex at the end.

Some of the best water parks in the world include Siam Park in Tenerife and Waterbom Bali in Indonesia.

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