Twitter Is Absolutely Trashing Ryan Seacrest Right Now

Ryan Seacrest, man who really wants you to know that he’s wearing a Ryan Seacrest Distinction suit, is currently hosting his one millionth Grammys Red Carpet. And, much like the Little Engine That Could, he is trying his very best to do a good job interviewing everyone. But Twitter is not impressed. In fact, everyone is dragging this poor dude while he wears the f*ck outta his Ryan Seacrest Distinction suit.

Fans seem to have a lot of questions about the kinds of questions Ryan is/isn’t asking of celebs on the red carpet, and the consensus is that he needs to do better. Behold, the most savage tweets, some of which are frankly kinda harsh!

Why are Ryan’s interviews coming off really awkward? It seems like he’s trying too hard, for someone that’s been in the game for so long…#Grammys

Ryan seacrest n Charlie puth r both so awkwRd THIS IS SO WEIRD

Umm @RyanSeacrest did u ask @BebeRexha who she was wearing?! Especially after all the #bodyshaming controversy! @redcarpet Duhhh! #ERedCarpet

I have no time for the #Grammys but I wanna know why Ryan Seacrest is still allowed to do red carpets interviews or why he still has a job tbh?

Ryan Seacrest always wears clothes from his collection that is available at Macy’s which he always promotes at the red carpet of award shows; no one buys these clothes… #ERedCarpet

I love the Grammys E! red carpet because I do not believe Ryan Seacrest knows half of these people

is ryan seacrest ever gonna chill

Are you kidding me, @redcarpet? Seacrest did a whole interview with Bebe Rexha about how no one would dress her, and she lists designers who reached out after she made it public, and NEITHER OF THEM ID’d who actually got the job?!? That’s bad all around. -H #Grammys

Would be nice if Seacrest could just once ask who someone is wearing. It’s kinda why we watch. #GRAMMYs

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