Tom Brady, 41: How He Feels About Retiring After The Super Bowl Whether He Wins Or Loses

For the third year in the row, the New England Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl! Will this be the last time for Tom Brady? has EXCLUSIVELY learned whether Tom will hang his jersey up after the game or not.

Tom Brady, 41, had a simple message to his haters after the New England Patriots secured their spot in Super Bowl 53 with their 37-31 overtime win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Jan. 20. “Still here.” After Super Bowl 53, when the Patriots play the Los Angeles Rams for the NFL championship, Brady will still be here, as a source close to Tom EXCLUSIVELY tells says he will be back for the 2019-20 season. “This has been yet another magical season for Tom Brady and the Patriots, and he knows he will hear it for the next two weeks, but win, lose or draw, one thing is 1005: Tom Brady will not retire after the Super Bowl.”

“He is ready to keep on playing for a few more years,” the source tells, “ and he wants to play with the Patriots. He wants to win this Super Bowl and get back there a couple more times. He is all in to play for a few more years, no matter who wants him to retire. Nobody will talk him out of playing for a few more years.” So, if the Patriots leave the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, Georgia with the Lombardi trophy or if the Rams mimic the Philadelphia Eagles by denying the Patriots another NFL title, Tom will still return to take the snap when the new season starts in September.

The Eagles, viewed as the underdogs going into the 2018 Super Bowl, sent Tom and the Pats packing with a 41-33 win. While some onlookers wrote off Tom and the Patriots as being over, he and Rob Gronkowski clapped back with the aforementioned Jan. 20 message. As Tom and Gronk, an NFL Hall Of Fame-worthy pairing if there any was one, basked in the glory of another AFC Championship while Diddy’s “Bad Boys For Life” played. “We ain’t goin’ nowhere / we ain’t / goin’ / nowhere / We can’t be stopped now / cause it’s Bad Boy for Life,” the song played, reminding everyone that Tom and Gronk aren’t “going nowhere.”

Tom was so overwhelmed after the overtime win over the Chiefs that he let an F-bomb fly on live TV. During his post-game interview with CBS, Tom was asked what he thought about going to the Super Bowl for the fourth time in five years. After giving a shout out to his family – including his mom – Tom…lost his train of thought. “What was your question,” he asked the interviewer, per Deadspin. When reminded of the question, an exhausted Tom said it was “un-f*cking-believable” that he was going back to the Big Game.

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