I still believe my wife is the right woman for me – but she doesn’t like sex

We are both 29. She is a wonderful person but doesn’t like touching and ­cuddling or trying new moves – all the stuff that I love. Our sex is vanilla and quick.

She said it’s OK if I want to have sex on the side – so I have once or twice. But I want loving sex with my wife.

How can I turn this around so she really enjoys sex with me? I feel like we are reaching the end of the road.

DEIDRE SAYS: If she has never enjoyed sex, I am surprised the marriage has lasted so long.

You love her but clearly this situation can’t carry on. She needs to show you she is willing to try, at least, to resolve this with you.

Are you doing it right? Has she been put off sex by some hurt in her past? My e-leaflet Is She Not Keen On Sex? is a good place to start.

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