British People Get Drunk More Often Than People from Anywhere Else, According to a New Survey

The results of a new survey revealed that British people are getting drunk more often than any other nationality.

Last week, the 2019 Global Drug Survey was released to the public. It’s the largest drug survey in the world, analyzing data on drug and alcohol use from over 123,000 people in more than 30 countries. This year, in the survey’s eighth annual report, U.K. respondents reported getting drunk more times per year than people from anywhere else.

British people who drink admitted to having been drunk 51 times in the past 12 months — 18 more times than the GDS average of 33. Several other English-speaking countries were not far behind, with Americans reporting getting drunk 50 times a year, Canadians reporting 48 times a year and Australians reporting 47 times a year.

“We have never grasped moderation. It’s not part of our culture or conversation,” Adam Winstock, an addiction psychiatrist and founder of the Global Drug Survey, told CNN. “We need to learn that more fun with better health and fatter wallets can follow from a bit less, a bit less often.”

South American countries, on the other hand, reported getting drunk on the least amount of occasions, with Chile coming in last with 16 times per year.

The GDS also asked a variety of other alcohol and drug-related questions for the survey. Respondents said that they regretted getting drunk on 20 percent of occasions, with the highest rates of regret coming from women aged 25 and older (24.2 percent) and lowest from males aged 25 and younger (17 percent). Women 25 and up from German-speaking countries were the most regretful, at 33 percent.

With these regrets in mind, 38 percent of the people surveyed claimed that they would like to drink less in the coming year, and report that they would first turn to the Internet for help doing so.

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