These Celebrity Prom Dresses Will Make You Feel Like You're in High School Again

Yara Shahidi at Prom

If I could turn back time, I would absolutely redo prom. I’d also redo shopping for a prom dress, because that’s where I went wrong. Now I’m sitting here looking at Presley Gerber in his crisp black suit separates and Lily-Rose Depp in her slinky peach slip, begging my 17-year-old self to stay away from anything that bares resemblance to an emoji.

But I mean, what’s done is done. When it comes to prom, I have many friends that wish for do-overs, and I’m not sure how celebrities like Taraji P. Henson and Gabrielle Union would feel about their throwback looks. Taraji actually designed her ’80s-style silhouette and Gabrielle poked fun at herself for wearing evening gloves under her wrist corsage. To their Instagram followers, these have now gone down as iconic moments. And while you may not take a tip from every star’s outfit here, they certainly may spark some fashion nostalgia.

If you’re looking at Yara Shahidi’s Emanuel Ungaro kelly-green tiered midi or Storm Reid’s floral Tory Burch gown, however, you’re probably going to start itching to shop. Sigh. Did I have one sophisticated bone in my body as a junior or senior in high school? Yara, please go talk to 17-year-old Sarah. The time machine is that way.

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