Secrets behind Love Island’s Maura Higgins’ drastically different face revealed

While she's only been in the Love Island villa a few short days, Irish siren Maura Higgins has got everybody talking.

Within minutes of her entering the dating series, the 28-year-old stunner had all the men swooning after her while the ladies looked on in horror at the new competition.

Bamboozled boxer Tommy Fury even claimed his head has been turned a full '560 degrees' by grid girl Maura, much to the horror of his current partner Molly May Hauge.

But Maura's good looks have got fans talking on the outside too.

After snaps of from Maura's old modelling days resurfaced this week, viewers accused her of having everything from lip fillers, a boob job and even butt implants.

Now cosmetic surgeon to the stars Dr Esho has now given his take on how natural he thinks Maura's features are.

The first most noted change is the change in the size and shape of her lips. She does admittedly have used makeup to enhance her lip on her entry into the villa compared to her older photos, but make up alone can’t account for this change . It is likely she has had lip augmentation in stages over a period of time to enhance them .

Maura's cheeksbones now are much more defined and elevated which is achieved by a procedure known as facial contouring where a using cannula and dermal filler the mid face is sculpted for a more high definition look – a favourite for many celebrities.

Jaw line
The same facial contouring procedure used on the cheek bones is likely to have been used across her jawline as this area is also much more defined and wider In appearance.

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After Maura's much talked about entrance into Love Island, her mother has spoke out about the rumours currently swirling.

Sharon Higgins has cleared up a few doubts about her daughter's past, revealing she was previously engaged to a long-time boyfriend, but declaring that she has never received any cosmetic surgery.

Commenting on her daughter's eyebrow raising ‘f***y flutter’ remark, Sharon said: “I’ve been looking at memes, and it’s all just so funny. So many people are judging her too quickly. But don’t judge her too quickly because she has a heart of gold. She’d do anything for you.

Speaking to the Longford Leader, Sharon said: "They're saying she's had work done on her bum and her boobs and everything. Where are they getting this from? And they were pulling up photographs from back when she was 18 and comparing them to what she looks like now.

"She’s 28 now. She has matured. She never got plastic surgery ever. The only thing she ever got done – and she never hid it, she had it up on her own Instagram – was she got some lip filler.

"Because she had quite thin lips. And that was the height of it. So that’s the only thing. She never had plastic surgery ever. That’s terrible stuff."

Commenting on her daughter's dating history Sharon confirmed that Maura was previously engaged but says that the nine-year relationship "fizzled out".

She said: "Maura was in a nine-year relationship and she got engaged to that guy and that just fizzled out.

"And then she was broken up for a good while and she started dating another guy and they are after putting pictures of this guy up, saying about her being engaged."

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