HBO only released two teaser images for the ‘Game of Thrones’ finale

For all Game of Thrones episodes, HBO and GoT producers release a half-dozen (sometimes more) teaser photos for the upcoming episode. It’s a thing and it makes my job easier, and it gives everyone a chance to analyze what will happen and spread crazy theories. It’s not that the teaser photos ever tell you much about the upcoming episode, and often if the images are cropped to a degree where you can’t even see which two characters are interacting. For the finale of the series though, Game of Thrones has only released two teaser images, both of which we basically saw in the trailer.

The money shot is Queen Daenerys standing up high, probably on the ruins of the Red Keep, staring down at the still-burning Kings Landing. The Unsullied Army stands at attention up and down the steps, with the dragonfire survivors in the distance. As everyone is saying now, Daenerys is Queen of the Ashes. Except not, because she didn’t kill EVERYBODY in Kings Landing, she just killed a lot of people, indiscriminately, because she was tired of everybody’s sh-t. She was tired of Cersei’s smirking bitchery and she was tired of everyone talking about how Jon Snow is some great guy and she was tired of never getting credit for what she did to save Westeros from the undead. Hey, we all have bad days. Dany’s bad day involved murdering thousands of people in a cleansing fire in which she will rise like a phoenix. To kill Tyrion, hopefully.

Speaking of, Tyrion is the second image. He made it to the final episode, despite being an absolutely horrendous Hand to the Queen. Pretty much as soon as he turned up in Meereen, he was out of depth and just winging it. I haven’t really felt any warmth towards him for two seasons now, and I’m just pissed at his consistently bad decision-making. Letting Jamie go ahead of the siege of Kings Landing was treason. BURN HIM. And in case you think I’m being too harsh, let me just say this: Cersei was never “mad” but she was a f–king petty psychopath who murdered thousands of people too but Tyrion still wanted to save her, the sister who abused him since he was an infant, the sister who wanted him dead a million times. He was still ride-or-dying for CERSEI when he was working for Dany. So yeah, f–k him. Tyrion is the reason why Jaime and Cersei’s deaths were so lame and unfulfilling. There’s a theory that Tyrion will kill Dany, or he’ll plot to kill her. I hope he does plot to kill her, because he’ll fail at that too and then she’ll kill him, thus fulfilling my dream for the finale.

Now that we’re at the end, I guess I really only want a handful of people and animals to live. I’d like to see Ghost, Tormund, Davos, Drogon and Arya live. I’m okay with Bran living but only because he’s utterly useless, which means he’ll probably survive. The rest can all burn, I guess.

Apparently there’s a documentary about the last season and everything that went into it (except good scripts, apparently) called The Last Watch.

Photos courtesy of HBO/Game of Thrones.

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