Dan Walker: ‘You might be mistaken’ Dan Walker issues SCATHING to Twitter critic

The BBC Breakfast star, is known to be one celebrity who is keen to engage with his fans and even his critics on Twitter. Dan recently engaged in a Twitter back and forth with both Peter Lloyd and Piers Morgan on his Twitter account which is followed by almost 563,000 people. This week, BBC Breakfast has been tackling the issues of mental health and menopause.

One of Dan’s followers asked Dan if he could re-watch one of the segments as they suffered from mental issues.

In response to the follower’s question as to when they could re-watch the segment, Dan replied that it would be on BBC Iplayer.

Replying to Dan’s tweet, one Twitter user responded: “Dan, no one watches catch up tv.”

In a quick and honest response, Dan replied to the man by insisting that “he was mistaken”.

Dan said: “John, I think you might be mistaken.

“As an example there were nearly 11 million iPlayer requests for episode 1 of Bodyguard.

“There are thousands of people who catch up on BBC Breakfast every day.”

On Tuesday, Dan also engaged in a Twitter exchange with self-styled “old-school liberal” Peter Lloyd.

Peter accused Dan of being overly sensitive to a recent Daily Mirror article following the BAFTAs where he listed Jodie Whittaker as one of the worst dressed at the awards.

After Peter accused Dan of taking “the wokest response” to a article, Dan quickly hit back.

The BBC Breakfast star said: “Peter, I don’t always get the tone right but I just think belittling others isn’t the way forward.

“Have a good one.”

In response, Peter highlighted an article titled, “Stop white men explaining stuff, says BBC boss” in order to continue the debate.

However, the BBC star refused to draw out the debate after a few more exchanges from the two.

Dan ended it by saying: “You’re better than that Peter.

“Have a lovely Tuesday.”

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